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Resources on Worship, Hope, Liturgy, Sacramental Theology and More (from Me)

Every so often, I get an email asking my thoughts on worship or liturgy or our multi-congregational model. Not that I'm an expert. Nevertheless, I have spent some time thinking, writing, and teaching on subjects related to those themes. So to save you the trouble of searching all over the place for various books or articles or videos or podcasts, I have put a few of the main resources below. I hope you find it helpful.


On how hope is encoded in contemporary worship songs and experienced in contemporary worship services, or how to study contemporary worship using theological ethnography, or what Christian hope is, or what my doctoral research was on, or on the three paradigms of congregational worship, see my latest academic book, Worship and the World to Come.

For interviews detailing the argument of the book, see:


On how to resource from historic Christian worship practices in contemporary worship contexts, here’s my short e-book, Discover the Mystery of Faith.

On the elements of a liturgical communion service, see this YouTube Playlist of short videos explaining each element, plus a glimpse into a communion service:

On three paradigms for understanding contemporary worship, here’s a 7-minute video on


On what a sacramental worldview is, and how it shapes how we see our own lives and the life of the church, see, Blessed Broken Given: How Your Story Becomes Sacred in the Hands of Jesus.

Or watch a webinar where I give a 40-min overview of the book and engage in Q&A for 20-minutes.

Or listen to an interview/overview of the book on the Gravity Leadership Podcast: or on Seminary Dropout Podcast:


On lament:

On hope:

On contemporary worship:


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