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Most of us never stop. Work, school, church, friendships, family—life seems to be a rush from one responsibility or activity to the next. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a more abundant way to live.
In The Intentional Year, Holly and Glenn Packiam invite you on a journey to live purposefully into the season ahead. You’ll reflect on your past season, discern God’s call on what’s next, and examine five key spheres of life—prayer, rest, renewal, relationships, work—to pursue a life of peace and freedom. 
Full of stories and examples, insights and ideas, reflection prompts and discussion points, and practices that will engage your mind, body, and spirit, these pages offer a practical and empowering pathway into a more sustainable life. 
Rooted in the love of God, you can abide in Christ and join the Holy Spirit in cultivating a flourishing and fruitful life that will glorify God and bring good to the world around you.



How can pastors become resilient in a rapidly changing world? Is it possible to love well and lead faithfully? In the wake of crises that have exposed and accelerated massive cultural shifts, we see more clearly the seismic shifts of post-Christendom, the surging storms of a new paganism and pluralism, and the scattered debris of the cultural aftermath.

Drawing on new research from the Barna Group, Scripture, and church history, pastor, theologian, and researcher Glenn Packiam addresses some of the most pressing questions for today's leaders, including

- What is a pastor's calling and vocation? 
- How do church leaders regain credibility in a disillusioned world?
- How do church leaders cultivate a deeper life with God?
- How do pastors develop meaningful relationships?
- Why does the church gather in worship? Does it still matter if we do?
- How do we actually make disciples in this new landscape? 
- How can we face the challenges to unity presented by nationalism and racism? 
- What is the church's mission in the world?
- How do we welcome the presence and power of God in our churches?

With infographics, enlightening data, and insights from other ministry leaders, this book is the perfect resource for church leaders who want to cultivate resilience in their ministry today.

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