Watch the Trailer for "The Resilient Pastor"

The Resilient Pastor Book aims to give pastors much needed energy for a new season of ministry and will give other Christians an inside look at a pastor’s desire to be a faithful shepherd in the midst of our turbulent world.


It pairs fresh data and insight from Barna and stories from pastors around the US, Canada, and the UK with wisdom from Scripture and church history to help us navigate 8 challenges facing the pastor and the church in a changing world.


Introducing The Resilient Pastor Initiative

Barna has been privileged to spend the last thirty-seven years providing data and insights to support pastors. I'm thrilled to partner with them to launch several initiatives to help pastors cultivate resilience together.

The Resilient Pastor Podcast is a place where pastors and church leaders, theologians and thinkers help us wrestle with questions about the health of the pastor, the state of the church, the shifting culture, and more.

The Resilient Pastor City Roundtables is a free, full day, in-person experience to give pastors the space and time to invest in themselves and one another. I’ll share some insight and analysis from Barna and help us reflect biblically and theologically about the challenges we’re facing in a changing world. We’ll hear from other local pastors in a lunch panel. And we’ll think out loud together at tables throughout the day, connecting with other pastors in your area and discussing the struggles we’re facing. Above all, we’re gonna seek the Lord together and pray for one another. 

The Resilient Pastor Cohort is a 6-month learning community that helps you grow in resilience as you navigate the everyday challenges of pastoring a church. Featuring a faculty that includes Scott Sauls, Sharon Hodde Miller, Rich Villodas, Ashlee Eiland, and myself, the Resilient Pastor Cohort will meet together twice a month for 60-minutes online for the first five months, and then in the final month, we’ll gather together in person for a two day retreat with all participants and faculty. During each of these monthly online meetings, we will be hearing from one of our faculty members about their perspectives and experience on a particular challenge pastors are facing. After their presentation, I will facilitate a discussion on their topic. Then, later in the month, cohort members will gather again in online breakouts to share what they are learning and how they are wrestling with that challenge in their own context. The in-person retreat in the final month will feature sessions with each faculty member, as well as time for rest and fellowship with the other pastors participating in the cohort.




How can pastors become resilient in a rapidly changing world? Is it possible to love well and lead faithfully? In the wake of crises that have exposed and accelerated massive cultural shifts, we see more clearly the seismic shifts of post-Christendom, the surging storms of a new paganism and pluralism, and the scattered debris of the cultural aftermath.

Drawing on new research from the Barna Group, Scripture, and church history, pastor, theologian, and researcher Glenn Packiam addresses some of the most pressing questions for today's leaders, including

- What is a pastor's calling and vocation? 
- How do church leaders regain credibility in a disillusioned world?
- How do church leaders cultivate a deeper life with God?
- How do pastors develop meaningful relationships?
- Why does the church gather in worship? Does it still matter if we do?
- How do we actually make disciples in this new landscape? 
- How can we face the challenges to unity presented by nationalism and racism? 
- What is the church's mission in the world?
- How do we welcome the presence and power of God in our churches?

With infographics, enlightening data, and insights from other ministry leaders, this book is the perfect resource for church leaders who want to cultivate resilience in their ministry today.