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Lent Is An Invitation

A few thoughts I shared on the New Life Downtown blog on how Lent can be an invitation:

Lent is an invitation.

It is not a burden or a requirement. It is not another way to demonstrate our religious performance for God. It isn’t an attempt to earn God’s favor.

Lent is an invitation for the Spirit to deepen His work in us. As we join with the Church historic and universal, as we center our lives on Christ and mark time by retracting his life, we are welcoming the Spirit to form us into the image of Christ.

Lent is an invitation from the Spirit to come away and look more closely, to listen more carefully. It is a chance to set aside time—holy time—to tune out the noise and tune in to God.

As we enter Lent this year, here are three ways this season can be an invitation to us:

An invitation to FAST. For most of us, life is crowded with activities, opinions, and…

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