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NEW SONG– for Ash Wednesday and Beyond: “Always Be Enough”

In year’s past, I’ve written about the what and why about Lent and Ash Wednesday. This year, I’d like to offer a song. I began writing it last year on Ash Wednesday and completed it with the help of two terrific songwriters– Tom Read and Tim Hughes– on a trip to England last year.

May it bless you and your congregations.

“Always Be Enough”– Tim Hughes, Glenn Packiam,Tom Read

Verse 1 Son of God who came to us Became like creatures made from dust God who meets us In the ashes God who comes to raise us up

Verse 2 When we are weak and we are frail Feet may falter, strength will fail God will meet us In the ashes God will come to raise us up

Chorus Emmanuel Here with us You will always be enough

Unfailing God Perfect love You will be always be enough

Verse 3 You bore our sins Upon the tree To give us healing, to set us free Send Your Spirit Breathe upon us Speak the Word that brings us peace.

Bridge Praise the One, the King of Glory You came low to raise up This is our song, this is our story You will always be enough


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