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What Have We Become?

Sometimes it's good to take a long look at yourself in the mirror…and laugh.

And then, ask yourself some tough questions…like…

Have we become an overly consumer-driven, rootless evangelicalism that borrows our worship rituals more from a culture of entertainment than from historic expressions of faith? No finger-pointing, here. Just an encouragement to do some soul-searching.

I should add that this was made by the good folks at North Point, which is to say that this isn't made by sometime anti-church group slamming what we do. It's a way of challenging us to keep asking the tough questions even as we "speak the language of our culture". The first call is to live out as the people of God, not to reach out. If we try to reach out and add to the people of God at the expense of our identity as the people of God, then what are we adding to?

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